Ritim Çelik is a commercial organization that provides service to its customers operating in industries requiring precise raw materials, both in stock and on order basis, in the field of unalloyed and alloyed long steel products.

Ritim Çelik offers hot rolled, cold rolled, peeled or stoned products produced in European and World norms to its customers by adopting an affordable price and fast service approach and can also give these products as cut according to the customers' requirements.

After rapid development in the field of automat steels and general structural steels, our company, which also adds cementation steels, correctional steels and stainless steels to its product line, is expanding its product line day by day according to the demands of its customers.

Ritim Çelik fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality system by blending with the demands, expectations and complaints of its customers, offering the necessary technical support to its customers with its experienced staff and assisting in the selection of suitable steel with the support of manufacturer companies, each of which is the leader of its field.